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Author: Mario Carreño
Year: 1974
Medium: bronze sculpture, number II of VI
Size: 25 x 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches
Inventory No: 06115

Cast in 1974, production initiated in 2002 at Fundición R. Buchhass,

Buenos Aires, Argentina, (inscribed with foundry mark).

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by

Juan Campos, lifetime assistant of Mario Carreño.


Exhibited (different number) in Mario Carreño, Exposición Retrospectiva, 1939 – 1993,
Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago de Chile, Chile, March-May 2004.

This retrospective exhibition was curated by Dr. Beatriz Huidobro.


Illustrated in the catalog Mario Carreño, Exposición Retrospectiva 1939 – 1993, page 54.

Illustrated (different number) in Important Cuban Artworks, Volume Nine,

Arte, Coral Gables, Florida, November 2010, page 70.

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