Cuban Art Cuban Art

Cuban Art Antonio GattornoAntonio Gattorno
Period: The Vanguard
1904 - 1980

María with Red Necklace, 1937
oil on masonite
12 x 9 inches

Antonio Gattorno was born in 1904. In 1916, he began his studies at the San Alejandro Academy and four years later he obtained a scholarship to study in Europe. He studied in Rome, Spain, and finally in Paris. The basics of European painting were decisive in his evolution as an artist. In 1927, he returned to Cuba and set a personal exhibition in which he summarized his educational trip to Europe and also included some artwork produced on the island. This exhibition was only the beginning for what later became the New Art Exhibition, shown in May of that year. Mujeres Junto al Río was one of the key paintings and it was one of the first plastic versions of the modern Creole Movement. Gattorno used the modern European style when painting cuban themes.
He settled in the United States by the end of 1930, leaving the creole-inspired painting and focusing on surrealism. Gattorno died in 1980.


Cuban Art Antonio Gattorno La Búsqueda
(The Search)

Antonio Gattorno
mixed media on heavy paper laid down on cardboard
7 x 4 1/2 inches

Cuban Art Antonio Gattorno María con Collar Rojo
(María with Red Necklace)

Antonio Gattorno
oil on masonite
12 x 9 inches

Cuban Art Antonio Gattorno
Paisaje con Mujer en Rojo
(Landscape with Woman in Red)

Antonio Gattorno
mixed media on heavy paper
19 x 23 inches

Cuban Art Antonio Gattorno
Paisaje Fantástico
(Fantastic Landscape)

Antonio Gattorno
oil on wood panel
16 3/4 x 21 3/4 inches

Cuban Art Antonio Gattorno Retrato de Niño
(Portrait of Young Boy)

Antonio Gattorno
oil on canvas
14 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches

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